We had been praying for a new home, one that would be “perfect” for the children. I had emailed someone last week regarding a particular house and she told me to contact the real estate agency. I hadn’t contacted them however the owner emailed last night and said she had fired the agency and was showing the house today. Everyone we have talked to re: a house they frown upon the number of children we have so I asked the owner if children was going to be a problem and she replied with “children aren’t a problem only a joy”, perfect, we had found the house and the perfect owners. Finally someone who didn’t turn their noses up at the number of children that we have and as if children are a bad thing. We are told often “are you done yet”, “don’t you think that’s enough” etc, etc, I always wonder why people think that a lot of children is a negative thing??? UMMM So, We move in on May 1st!!!!! We have to make a few repairs, and purchase a few things for the home but we are all very excited. I welcome you to share with us in our new journey in our new home and to see just what God has in store for us and what doors He will open for us next.

What Praise reports do you have this week?